The Most Complete and Lightest Adjustable Multifunctional Gantry on the Market

Welcome to Lera Ascensores SL, where innovation and safety are found in each of our products! We are proud to present the PET 500/1000 Adjustable Multifunctional Gantry , a revolutionary solution designed to meet the most demanding needs of various industrial sectors. This gantry is the definitive tool for work at height, offering a unique combination of lightness, versatility and safety.

The PET 500/1000 is not just a gantry, it is a multifunctional system that redefines the way work is carried out in confined spaces and at heights. With its structure made of high-strength aluminum and its modular design, this porch allows an adaptable configuration that fits any space and specific need. Its ultra-light weight makes it easy to handle and transport, allowing a single technician to install it in a matter of minutes without the need for special tools.

Featured Features

Our multifunctional gantry stands out for its innovative features that differentiate it from other products on the market:

  • High Strength Material : Made with A6085T5 aluminum, PET 500/1000 offers exceptional durability without compromising its lightness.
  • Ultralight Weight : With a total weight of only 50 kg, it is easy to handle and transport, optimizing time and effort in each installation.
  • Modular and Expandable : Its modular design allows adjustments in width and height, adapting perfectly to any environment and requirement.
  • Versatility of Use : Ideal for lifting and moving loads, as well as for protection against falls and rescuing people in confined spaces.
  • Quick Installation : Equipped with quick-action pins, it can be installed by a single technician in less than two minutes, without additional tools.
  • Easy Transport : It disassembles into three light parts, each weighing less than 20 kg, making it easy to transport in any commercial vehicle.
  • Wide Compatibility : Compatible with a wide variety of security devices from different brands through specific adapters.


PET 500/1000 is the perfect choice for a wide range of industrial applications:

  • Industrial Maintenance : Perfect for carrying out maintenance work in industrial environments, guaranteeing safety and efficiency.
  • Cosmetics : Suitable for maintenance and installation work in cosmetic product factories.
  • Automotive : Ideal for work in automotive plants, where precision and safety are essential.
  • Paper Bins : Facilitates the maintenance and handling of machinery in the paper industry.
  • Elevators : An essential tool for elevator installation and maintenance work.
  • Water Management : Useful in water treatment and management plants, offering safe solutions for work at height and confined spaces.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry : Ensures compliance with strict safety standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

Protection and Rescue System

The PET 500/1000 offers an advanced protection and rescue system, standing out for:

  • Vertical and Lateral Access : Perfect for work in confined spaces, allows safe access through manholes or manholes.
  • Width and Height Adjustment : With an extendable beam from 1350mm to 2000mm and an adjustable height from 1350mm to 2750mm, it adapts to any environment.
  • Side Wall Kit : Allows the protection and rescue of people in confined spaces without an anchoring structure.
  • Safety Certifications : Complies with EN 795:2012 and CEN/TS 16415 regulations, ensuring the highest safety standards.

Sectors of Use

PET 500/1000 adapts perfectly to the needs of multiple sectors, such as:

  • Elevators
  • Air-conditioning
  • Awnings
  • Crystal Cleaning
  • Tanks, Silos and Chimneys
  • Conduits and Pipes
  • Wells and Sewers
  • Transformation Centers

Contact and More Information

For more information about the PET 500/1000 Adjustable Multifunctional Gantry and to discover how it can improve safety and efficiency in your operations, do not hesitate to contact us:

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