Who we are

At Lera S.L. we are specialists in design and manufacturing installation and maintenance tools for lift companies.

The management of the company has always been linked tothe elevator sector, from the Cantabria family company of manufacture, installation and maintenance of RADA elevators that operated throughout Spain for 30 years, until occupying positions of direction in the Major manufacturersand maintainers of the sector, in the different departmentsof the company, engineering, installation and maintenance,in companies in the sector worldwide.

Our goal is to get the excellence and customer satisfaction in the production and design of tools and work systems to improve workers' health, work quality and execution times for installation and maintenance departments,


Our vision is to strengthen a team of people who enjoy working, instilling the force that transmits to the team the satisfaction of the customer in the service lent.

With the banner of sincerity, and honesty, the direction of the company is marked the goal of consolidate a team of people who enjoy their work, because this situation will certainly bring as a consequence the excellence in the provided service.


To offer our clients the experience acquired during 25 years in the provision of a service of installation and maintenance of all type of multibrand elevator devices.

To design tools and lifting tools to help the installation and maintenance departments perform their tasks in a more optimal and comfortable way, reducing efforts and weights.

To solve the present and future needs of vertical transport technicians.

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Enjoy working watching our customers smile to deploy all the knowledge acquired through our experience, with a single purpose, the orientation to the customer, to give an increasingly service of higher quality and more competitive.

Improve production processes and management, to achieve the effectiveness in the service provided.

For all this, the people who compose it are the most important value of the company.

Results and sustainability in time depend, to a large extent, on the style of leadership of the people who form it.

Under our motto, “ENJOY WORKING”, there is a particular way of understanding the company that bets on the development of its human dimension. LERA ASCENSORES SL, results and sustainability in time depend, to a large extent, on the style of leadership of the people who form it.

Our personal values revolve around this way of conceiving business, based on an ethical leadership that allows the company to orient the common good.